East Harlem Tutorial Program (EHTP) is dedicated to examining issues of racism and identity as we challenge the status quo and model the learning and dialogue that we believe needs to happen to work against systemic racism and ensure a more equitable future for young people of color.

We are eager to share lessons learned and hear from other organizations engaged in racial equity work. If you would like more information, please contact antiracism@ehtp.org.


EHTP’s Anti-Racism Statement

Since 1958, East Harlem Tutorial Program has been working to support students as they become leaders in their communities and realize their best possible selves. We do this because we are committed to promoting a just society, free from oppression and bigotry.

As an organization, we recognize that people who have been historically marginalized because of their race, class, gender, age, ability, religion, and sexual orientation, experience systemic inequalities. Many of the people in our diverse community of scholars, families, staff, supporters, and the surrounding East Harlem community live at the intersection of these identities.

We particularly acknowledge the pervasive inequalities faced by people of color in this country, across all other aspects of their identity, and consider racism to be the root of the inequity that many in our community inevitably face. Because of this country’s legacy of institutionalized racism, EHTP’s staff and stakeholders must face, honestly and directly, our own racial identities and our own conscious and unconscious biases. With the goals of self-realization and racial justice in mind, we strive to design all of our professional development, curriculum, organizational materials, and processes.

Through this commitment, we prepare our scholars to effect change, challenge the status quo, and thrive in the world around them. As a place of growth and learning, EHTP aims to serve as an agent of change and thoughtfully contribute to the national fight for anti-racism.


EHTP’s Strategic Plan for Anti-Racism in FY20