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Lear Matthews

Lear Matthews, one of the founding members of the New York Tutorial Support Groups Inc. served as its first president when the organization started in 2001. The impetus for the birth of the organization was a visit by Mr. Malcolm Parris, the then president of the Guyana THSAA Chapter who urged the New York Group to formalize in order to represent the alumni in the Diaspora at the THS commemoration anniversary in Guyana the following year.

Lear is a Professor at SUNY Empire State College, where he has been a member of the faculty for more than 20 years. A former lecturer at the University of Guyana, he serves on the Executive Committee of the Caribbean Association of Social Work Educators; Editorial Board member of the Caribbean Journal of Social Work; and Chair of the Advisory Board of the Caribbean-American Social Workers Association. A certified clinical social worker; he was Clinic Director of the Bedford Stuyvesant Community Mental Health Center in Brooklyn, NY for over ten years.

He has written extensively on the adaptation of immigrants in North America, cultural retentions and cross-cultural learning. His published research is included in college curricula across the US and the Caribbean and used in the training of human services practitioners working with immigrants. His most recently published book, English-Speaking Caribbean Immigrants: Transnational Identities, examines how immigrants adapt to life in North America, while maintaining transnational connections. He co-authored Communities and Development: A Hidden dimension of Nation Building, with Dr. Ken Danns.

Lear has also authored numerous scholarly publications as book chapters and in peer reviewed journals including: Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity; Journal of Immigrant & Refugee Services; and Caribbean Journal of Social Work. He has done major research on Caribbean Hometown Associations, which includes High School Alumni Associations and is on the planning committee for the 2017 Inaugural Diaspora Engagement Conference at the University of Guyana.

His work across communities extends to Cape Town South Africa, where he facilitated collaborative e-learning in human services between students at SUNY and the University of Western Cape. Commenting on his consistency in bridging the gap between scholarly engagement and community practice, Professor Percy Hintzen, Program Director at the University of California, Berkeley states, “Dr. Matthews is concerned, at every turn, with policy, practice and solutions … we see a type of applied, practical scholarship that is most refreshing, badly needed and necessary.” Noted community activist and cultural icon Eusi Kwayana urges, “Various agencies, organizations and activists should plan a response to Professor Matthews’ comments on the effects of violence in our communities”. An avid social/cultural commentary writer, he is the recipient of the 2009 – 2010 Distinguished Caribbean Social Work Educators Award. In 2009 he received the SUNY Empire State College Jane Altes Award for excellence in community service. He is a founding member and advisor to the Black Male Initiative at SUNY Empire State College.

Lear is a former track and field athlete, who represented Tutorial High School in Inter School Sports and was awarded a Track Scholarship to Inter American University of Puerto Rico.

His most cherished human value: humility


Keith Cadogan

Succeeding Lear Matthews in 2008, Keith Cadogan was elected the 2nd President of The New York Tutorial Support Group Inc. the official Tutorial High School Alumni Association in New York.

Qualified in England as an accountant and economist, Keith is also a member of British Chartered Institute of Marketing. He also completed graduate and post graduate studies in public sector economics and public policy and was a university economics researcher at the time he migrated to Florida in 1991.

Keith taught economics and finance at universities in Florida for five years, before taking up residence in New York in 1997. There, he worked in finance and accounting at the CBS network and consulted briefly for the management consultancy McKinsey, before taking up a position in corporate finance with the MTA in 1998.

Keith is passionate about education in general and economics in particular. Throughout his years in New York, he has been an adjunct economics professor at NYU and CUNY. Married to Carmen, he has three college educated children: an accountant, a high school teacher and an engineer.


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