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The group evolved in 2001 following a series of meetings in response to the reunion planned by the executive committee of the Guyana Chapter of the Tutorial High School Alumni Association. The founding member are David Bryant, Keith Cadogan, John Callender, Cheryl Ferdinand, Pamela Grannum, Wilton Grannum, Pauline Granville, Joyce Jervis-Henry, Richard Jones, George London, Ingrid London, Lear Matthews and Barbara Sampson.

At one of our initial gatherings, we were visited by Mr. Malcolm Paris, then president of the Guyana Chapter, who shared information that was useful to our pioneering efforts to establish a strong New York Chapter. Following the reunion in Guyana, the group was committed to the formation of an overseas chapter, and worked diligently toward the accomplishment of that goal. Realizing the vast number of former Tutorial High School students residing in the New York area, we felt compelled, if not obligated to establish an organization that would be indebted to the of future our Alma Mater. The group was legally incorporated in 2003, adopting the name The New York Tutorial Support Group Inc.

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