Mission Statement

To provide financial and material support to our Alma Mater so as to restore and enhance its educational prominence in Guyana.


To assist in the material support of a variety of projects mutually agreed by the New York chapter (hereinafter referred to as the association) and the school’s administration in Guyana.


  1. Elections for the Executive of NYTSG shall be held during the first week of February every three (3) years;
  2. he Executive shall comprise of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and one ex-officio member;
  3. Successive executive committees shall have an Emeritus officer (typically the President or Secretary);
  4. The executive may serve in their elected position for a maximum period of two successive terms;
    • The term of office for the President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be three (3) years;
    • The term of office for the Vice President, Assistant Secretary and Assistant Treasurer shall be two (2) years;
    • Retiring officers shall be ineligible for re-election to the Executive for at least one (1) term after vacating office;
  5. Only Tutorial alumni resident in New York and regular contributors to the affairs of the association shall be eligible for elective office;


  1. General membership in NYTSG is open to alumni and friends in and out of New York;
  2. Membership on the Executive of NYTSG is restricted to alumni resident in New York;
  3. Membership rights include participating and voting on key decisions affecting Tutorial High;
  4. Membership duties and responsibilities include maintaining financial status and generally supporting planned activities of NYTSG;
  5. The annual membership fee is determined at the Annual General Meeting (AGM);

By-laws and Regulations

  1. The association shall convene an AGM meeting to inform and update members of activities;
  2. The executive shall produce and circulate to members an annual report and financial statement;
  3. The executive shall agree on rules to attract and sustain members;
  4. The executive shall keep a record of minutes of monthly executive meetings, which will be approved at successive meetings;
  5. The executive shall agree rules on codes of conduct and appropriate penalties;


  1. The executive shall be guided by various appointed committees (e.g. finance & policy, membership, events);
  2. Committees could co-opt additional assistance with the consensus of existing members;
  3. Decisions of the executive shall be taken by consensus;
  4. The consensus decisions taken by the executive are final;
  5. Major executive decisions shall be communicated to the general membership;
  6. On an annual basis, the executive of the association shall review the rules and make recommendations for changes as appropriate.


  1. Not later than the two months after each official function, the finance committee shall present a full financial report to the executive;
  2. An annual financial report shall be prepared and a condensed version included in the annual report to the membership;
  3. The main mechanism for disbursements of funds for assistance to THS will be on a project basis;
  4. The finance committee will review project and other funding requests from THS and make recommendations to the full executive for approval.

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