Our Rapid Response to Covid-19


As COVID-19’s impact continues to unfold, East Harlem has been hit especially hard: it is a neighborhood with the 2nd highest rate of coronavirus cases in Manhattan, and has one of the highest rates of asthma in the country. This pandemic sheds light on just how vast the decades of underinvestment due to institutional racism has taken place within communities like East Harlem, which are predominantly made up of African-American and Latin(x) individuals.

The work at EHTP has never been more important as the alarming reports of the high rates of Coronavirus infection amongst people of color, particularly Black and Latinx Americans, are being revealed. Our COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund fills an urgent need for our East Harlem students and families and supports the educational programming that continues to help our students reach educational milestones, even during a time of crisis.

COVID Emergency Fund.png